The Present Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath is trending now a days more then any Bollywood celebrities.. After becoming Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is become the most search people on Internet.. the popularity gear up when Yogi takes instant decisions to shut down of “illegal” slaughter houses and also anti romeo squad attracts peoples. After our PM Narendra Modi ji the second person for attracts people on his prompt decision making skills is Yogi Adityanath… there is no doubt about that with big powers there comes big responsibilities..

An another effect of this political change in UP is the people who belong to below poverty line is hoping for good policies for the welfare of them and state also. People expectations from yoji ji much higher then previous chief minister of UP. The another trouble making problem can harm yogi ji is the criminal activity face by the common peoples specially the Women of Uttar Pradesh but it may not error any more because yogi ji already inaugurate women helpline number which assures  security with in 15 minutes..

Uttar Pradesh is big in its geographical appearance, it is not so easy to handle state with big area and with big population also. people hoping for good and we also  need to attain a mind set to cooperate with the government. hoping for good.. lots of luck yogi ji


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