Rapping now a day’s become essential part of every party song, But at some point they all sounds same like “daaru pilo, maal jala lo” bas yhi hai rapping (is this rapping stand for)?? As a first Punjabi rapper David Roger aka Bohemia sounds so different from all other rappers. The lyrics he Wright has heart connectivity which attracts everyone to listening bohemia. Each single song of Bohemia has lyrics which have adorable meaning since his first release in 2002. Bohemia starts rapping when no one in India thinks about it because there is kind of traditional cinema and no one listens rapping in Hindi before it or we can say in Punjabi. When bohemia first release his album “Pesha, Nasha, Pyaar” the album become top selling album that time, people love to listen a person doing rapping in Punjabi with such a good lyrics. Bohemia became Star after his first release. As basically being born in Pakistan, Bohemia spent 7 to 8 years in Lahore after that he turn to California (US). There he spent his struggle time and joins various bands and done performances with them. Bohemia presents himself as die heart fan of Mirza Galib (one of the most famous poet of Urdu language). After his first album bohemia released many more albums and become “The Punjabi Rap star” and people started calling him as “Raja”.

Recent release of Bohemia album “skull and bones” song named “Bijli” show the writing skills of Bohemia as a lyricist. I just want to prefer you to listen this song to understand how a women enjoy her life and how a man just vanished it all in couple of minutes. Song says something very silently which everyone needs to understand.

This is not to promote anything but yes this is because there is something special about this person Bohemia. Our film industry needs this type of lyrics writing where the soul of lyrics is missing. Hope for good…


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