Who are you? What is your body? What is inner peace? We as social human being stuck in problems like earning money, getting higher paid job, getting super car and bla bla.  Problem like this is self generated, our expectations and family expectations makes us forget the real meaning of life, If questions like this this comes in your mind, then I suggest you to just listen Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev once and start new way of living. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is an Indian yogi, poet, environmentalist, self-taught architect, Padma Vibhushan awardee, and New York Times bestselling author. He is one of kind of person in this Planet who has lots of thing special in him.  The journey of his life is a legend, how he go through his magical spiritual experience is famous. On part of all other spiritual gurus in India, sadguru is most genuine, simple and very magical person. He founded the Isha Foundation a not for profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world, including India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, China, Australia and in many more countries. On 25 January 2017, the Government of India announced that he was being conferred the Padma Vibhushan award for his contribution towards spirituality.

The tone of sadguru when he explaining something or in conversation with any celebrity, scientist or in debate with news channel is very simple but logical. he always makes his point clear. He clears the doubts of scientist and gives new parameter. Listening to him is like take a deep breath and listen him Sadhguru_03all day. The way he explain things, the way he used to get life easier and blissful is just amazing. He claims that he never read Bhagwat Geeta, Ramayana or any ved, but he know everything about them even though he explain them very well then others. So let’s talk about his spiritual journey, At the age of 25 on 23 September 1982, he rode up Chamundi Hill (The Famous Rock) and sat on a rock, where he had a spiritual experience. He describes his experience as follows: “Till that moment in my life I always thought this is me and that’s somebody else and something else. But for the first time I did not know which is me and which is not me. Suddenly, what was me was just all over the place. The very rock on which I was sitting, the air that I breathe, the very atmosphere around me, I had just exploded into everything. That sounds like utter insanity. This, I thought it lasted for ten to fifteen minutes but when I came back to my normal consciousness, it was about four-and-a-half-hours I was sitting there, fully conscious, eyes open, but time had just flipped.  Six weeks after this experience, he left his business to his friend and travelled extensively in an effort to gain insight into his mystical experience. After about a year of meditation and travel, he decided to teach yoga to share his inner experience. (Source- Wikipedia)

He clears there is nothing something special in that rock but the point is how he go through this? How he prepares himself for this? Is that possible for anyone?

Clearing all that confusion sadguru explains, “This is possible for anyone through practice of Yoga” yes! You here right, Yoga is the key behind this. Sadguru self practicing Yoga at the age of 12 without gaping a single day. Continues Yoga practicing makes sadguru who he is today. Sadguru explains Yoga as a “Tool to Mystic”. Yoga unlocks the hidden powers of body and guides you to go through Mystic.

In 1983, he conducted his first yoga class with seven participants in Mysore. Over time, he began conducting yoga classes across Karnataka and Hyderabad traveling from class to class on his motorcycle. He lived off the proceeds of his poultry farm rental and refused payment for the classes. A usual practice of his was to donate the collections received from participants to a local charity on the last day of the class. These initial programs were the basic format on which the Isha Yoga classes were later built.

In 1994, Sadhguru conducted the first program in the premises of the newly established Isha Yoga Center, during which he described the Dhyanalinga. The Dhyanalinga is a yogic temple and a space for meditation, the consecration of which, Sadhguru stated was his life’s mission entrusted to him by his guru. In 1996, the stone edifice of the linga was ordered and arrived at the ashram. After three years of work, the Dhyanalinga was completed on 23 June 1999 and opened to the public on 23 November.


The Dhyanalinga is the first of its kind to be completed in over 2000 years.  Sadhguru also designed the 112-foot statue of Adiyogi, which is located at the Isha Yoga Center. The statue depicts the first yogi. It was inaugurated on Mahashivaratri, 24 February 2017,by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The Adiyogi Shiva statue is a 112 feet (34 m) tall statue of Adiyogi the first yogi-Shiva’s bust located at Coimbatore in the Tamil Nadu state of India. Designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, it is built by the foundation and weighs around 500 tonnes (490 long tons; 550 short tons).mahashivarathri-mobile-1Sadhguru notes that the statue is for inspiring and promoting yoga and is named “Adiyogi”, which means “the first yogi”, as Shiva is known as the originator of yoga. The statue was inaugurated on 24 February 2017 by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri – a festival celebrated annually in honour of the deity Shiva. The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has included the consecration of the statue in its official Incredible India campaign as a destination.

This is a little about sadguru, if you need to know more just Visit once Isha Yog Foundation and be a part of Spiritual journey.


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